What’s The Best Balloon For Your Special Occasion?

Often when people think of birthdays, special events, and celebrations they picture balloons somewhere within that colourful array of decorations. Balloons in the shape of animals, balloons in the shape of hearts and big, round and giant balloons.

There are 3 main types of balloons and they all have their own unique look, effect and purpose.

Latex Balloons

The most common balloon is the Latex Balloon, like the Rainbow Wall Hang that fills out a room in a fun and unique way.

These types of balloons are versatile and take helium well, lasting over 10 hours, or can be filled with air and used in elaborate and beautiful balloon displays.

These balloons are recyclable and here at Puff and Pop, we strive to continue seeking out and ensuring our suppliers are using eco-conscious methods and recyclable material.

These Balloon Garlands installations fill us with pride and joy! They create a beautiful cascading effect of balloons that can bring a fun atmosphere, or create an elegance and beauty to a room. This Balloon Garland uses all of our balloon types to create a beautiful and elegant contrast.

If you'd like to find out more about our balloon garlands - fill out our contact form here and say hello! We'll get back in touch with you shortly and work with you to create and bring your imagination to life.

Foil (Mylar) Balloons

Foil (or Mylar) Balloons can bring any event to life with its striking colours and reflection.

With its metallic look and feel, it grabs the attention of guests and there’s no substitute for it in a beautiful display. Mylar Balloons come in all shapes and sizes, they’re made for children in mind or as illustrious, shiny orbs of balloons.

These balloons hold helium for a much longer period than their latex counterparts, and as a bonus - they’re non-allergenic.

The balloon bouquet displayed here are our 40cm Metallic Orbz which comes in a broad variety of your favourite colours to choose from.

Cloudbuster Balloons (Extra-thick Latex)

The last being the Cloudbuster Balloons, or Chloroprene Balloons - which are ultra-high quality latex balloons that can float with helium for many months.

They come in solid colours and reflect the suns UV rays, when filled with helium to its maximum size they create a wonderful round orb shape that is beautiful and unique, creating a striking contrast to its more oval shaped Latex Balloon counterpart.

Our Cloudbuster Balloons are perfect for all occasions and bring a beautiful, surreal and fun atmosphere.

You can find our cloudbuster balloons here, they're our solid-coloured balloons which come in a variety of colours and a big statement piece for any event.

A Friendly Reminder that All of Our Balloons can be Recycled!

We encourage all of our customers to do their part in the recycling process.

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