Upcoming Release: The Spring Collection - Our Balloon Photoshoot with a Touch of Butterflies.

Hey! It has been an exciting, fun-filled and busy time at Puff & Pop. We’ve been up to a few things that we know you’ll love to see as much as we did creating it.

We’re excited about launching our Spring Collection VERY SOON!

Over a quiet sunny Sunday, the sun was shining bright reflecting off windows and buildings. We had the opportunity to shoot with the talented C.W Creative (Instagram: cw.creativeproductions) and the bubbly Daniella Adey (Instagram: @daniaday), and it was a fun, creative time for us all.

We gathered to formulate and brainstorm our ideas and give the shoot our creative touch with the help of this great team.

Our Butterfly Collection is an exciting upcoming release for us because it’s just in time for Spring! We love this time of the year because it’s when we can get really creative with outdoor installations of our balloon garlands and our large variety of butterfly balloons that are lovely, fun, beautiful reminders of the blossoming season of Spring.

This Flutter Set is a soft touch of butterflies that land snugly on our gorgeous Metallic Orbz Balloons and Extra-thick Latex, Solid Coloured Balloons. It’s a gentle reminder of the joy in simplicity with a unique touch and what that brings.

Every Balloon you see, we stock and we create daily. We are really proud of this collection and we hope it brings you a smile for your special occasion!

These beautiful bulbs of clouds can be found here, our durable and beautiful solid-coloured balloons.

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