Celebrating Keito Events' 10th Birthday

On Tuesday 24th of April, Keito Events held an astounding event to celebrate their 10th year in operation. We were honoured to be invited to this event as well as providing our service to create a memorable evening. 

Kate Abraham, the previous director of Keito Events provided us with a great inspirational speech on her journey and how she started the business from her own home.

Here's what she had to say:

"...It's been a very good ride, with some amazing events, great staff, fantastic clients, fabulous suppliers, and a whole lot of stress, laughs and good fun, hard work, along the way.

I started Keito Events at home just after I got married. I think having sealed the deal, I felt quite comfortable risking having no regular income. It was quite strange, actually. I remember thinking, if I can just get about 30k to 40k per year, I'll be alright, and I'll try to grow it from there. I then very quickly confirmed the management of one event for $20,000, and thought, "Here we go! Let's hire some people and move to an office." And then the yo-yo of a small business commenced."

Kate also described the biggest hurdle that she faced running a small business where she had to move back home and how she bounced back from it. She explained "...after a couple of years, I realised that perhaps I should have put some tax money aside from the last two years, but I hadn't put any aside. And I was forced to move home, work from my shed, and do all the work myself with no staff, including very many late nights, in order to pay back that tax. A very tough lesson indeed. Once I got back on my feet, I hired some staff again, still in the home rumpus room. There were about four of us in there. It was quite stressful in a way, but we got there. And then I moved into an office again, in Halifax street." 

From here, Kate described how "...Beth came along as a Uni student placement working on the King William Road Street Party. She was mature beyond her years, as many of you know, destined for success, as we can see now." 

They did some fantastic events across the years, and particularly out of their Halifax street office with the wonderful team of Candice, Beth and Sophie. Kate described how the pressure began to build up again with "...baby number two" and how she "couldn't bear the thought of running the business, of how level it was, with a newborn baby again."

Work was held off for awhile until they kicked it off last year again "and Beth was ready for the challenge of leading Keito Events into its next era."

From managing the launch of the River Bank Footbridge, King William Road Street Party, numerous government events launches, charity events to Mawson Lakes Street Party with Guy Sebastian performing on a stage on the lake, Kate described how Beth and her made a great team!

She concluded her speech, "...with ten years experience on many of Adelaide's best events, working with the best suppliers, we are primed for the next ten years. Fresh blood, with the amazing Beth, and the history and experience that I've acquired working in events for almost 15 years, we are very boutique, client-focused and relationship-focused, and our clients have always appreciated that approach and attention to detail in the special events we do. Beth is calm and collected, which is essential for an event manager who you can actually enjoy the process with, but always up for the challenge."

As Beth Rackham, the current director for Keito Events, took the stage, she continued the night with her own speech "Keito has managed hundreds of events across Adelaide, South Australia, and inter-state. Recently we've managed Mercedes Benz Unley Long Lunch on King William Road...We also have coming up and India Trade and Tourism event in Gawler Place Rundle Mall, and also an expo in Hawker, which is in the Flinders Range in South Australia. You can see photos from our latest events and also Keito news on our website. This is just a sneak peek of our new website, coming very soon".

"Keito are truly passionate about events, because we love to create special experiences and deliver outcomes that exceed our clients' expectations. Events have become more than just a standard three-course dinner. Events are a powerful marketing tool. And with brand awareness, community engagement, and networking just some of the outcomes. Events are immersive and they're impacting, and they're real-life experiences that can leave a lasting impression for weeks, months and years to come. We see first-hand benefit of events, and we know this is the reason that we work with our clients year-after-year on their events. I feel incredibly lucky to be the director of Keito Events. As Kate mentioned, I started working with Keito just over four years ago after completing my University placement, and from the moment I started I became really passionate about the events industry."

"I want to thank, tonight, Claudia Marciano, a new member of the Keito team, for all her hard work leading up to tonight; you were fantastic, and you have an amazing future ahead of you. I also want to take this opportunity now to thank Kate Abraham. You are, honestly, an incredible role-model to me, ever since I started working for you. You're also an amazing mentor, and I'm so afraid now. So, thank you Kate."

"Going forward, for Keito Events, we want to continue to be Adelaide's event management specialists. We want to maintain relationships with our current clients, forge relationships with new clients, and push ourselves to be even more innovative, executing our unique ideas and creative concepts. Thank you all so much for celebrating with us tonight at our own event."

If you are looking for an experienced event manager who is passionate in what they do, make sure to check out Keito Events at http://www.keito.com.au/

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