Have You Seen Our Ribbons?

Updated: May 15, 2019

A couple of months ago we received our amazing high quality Puff & Pop ribbons. We were so excited that we gave our Instagram followers a sneak peak of our new product few weeks back. However, it was really nerve-racking at the same time because we weren't sure how it would go once they're released. So for a few weeks we've tested the ribbons out with some of our clients and it was quite reassuring to receive positive feedback!

If you have missed out receiving our ribbons with your order, don't stress!

Today, we are officially announcing that our amazing high quality Puff & Pop ribbons will be included with our balloons! These new ribbons will replace majority of the standard ribbons that we've been using, giving our balloons more personality!

We are always finding new ways to improve the quality of our balloons, and we are proud of making them...so much that we decided to put our name on it. However, our standard ribbons are still available upon request if you still prefer them for your next event!

If you are extremely excited as much as we are and want to make an order today, contact us via our chat box or email us your enquiry to hello@puffandpop.com.au

Until then, stay classy!

Puff & Pop team Xx

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