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Why You Need a Balloon Installation at Your Next Event

Why You Need a Balloon Installation at Your Next Event


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember those birthday parties you attended when you were younger? We mean the ones filled with music, mascots, food, cake, and lots of colourful balloons! As children, we loved playing with balloons because they had a fun and exciting aesthetic.

But as we grew older, we realised while balloons are fun and lively, they are just as elegant and sophisticated; our intro image is a perfect example. While it may pose a challenge to cater to the individual aesthetic needs of your guests, with balloons, you can eat your cake and have it.

Still not convinced?

How a Balloon Design Can Enhance Your Event

Your event decoration and set-up can either make or mar your event. Asides from the food, music, and other factors that make up an event, one way to make your event POP is to incorporate a balloon design into your theme.

If you want to imprint memories of your event in the minds of your guests, balloons are the way to go. We bet you’re wondering how balloons can boost your event decor; we’ll tell you how in a bit. But first, here are six surprising facts about balloons.

6 Surprising Facts About Balloons That Will Blow Your Mind

Fact #1: They Bring Joy

It’s like Winnie the Pooh said, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” You can count on balloons to cheer your audience, make them laugh, and give them a reason to smile. Their round shape stimulates positive emotions such as happiness and calmness; little wonder why we have phrases like “inner circle”, “family circle”, and “circle of friends”. Asides from their shape, their bright and shiny colours prove that balloons are here to gladden hearts and reverse frowns.

Fact #2: Balloons are Magical

Think about it. How can one thing be able to assume a gazillion shapes, have different colours, trap air, and defy gravity?! Only balloons can. With their magical effect, balloons can help create an awe-filled atmosphere for any event. Rest assured, you will impress your guests, and they will love every bit of your event.

25th Birthday Celebration of Orbe 25th Birthday Celebration of Orbe North Adelaide

Fact #3: They Unify Cultures

Balloons break cultural and language barriers and unite us as humans. They elicit the same joyful and positive emotions within us, regardless of our skin tone or race. So if you’d like to host an inclusive event that fosters harmony, unity, and togetherness, balloons are a no-brainer!

Fact #4: Balloons are Ideal for All Ages

Trust us when we say you can never go wrong with balloons. One reason is we never really outgrow the child-like wonder and joy that comes with balloons. No matter our age, we stop to look at balloons as they float by or are in the form of a design; this is especially true for the balloon installations we make. We’re always thinking up creative and unique ways to design and install balloons that keep guests talking about an event for months.

Grand Opening of Kingpin Norwood, Adelaide Grand Opening of Kingpin Norwood, capturing traffic on Osmond Terrace

Fact #5: They are Perfect for Any Event

Balloons will never disappoint; whether you’re planning a baby shower, engagement party, or some other event or need a backdrop for a photo shoot, be rest assured a balloon installation will perfectly suit your event’s theme.

Fact #6: Balloons Capture Attention

It’s easy for guests to lose interest in an occasion, so they leave or begrudgingly stay till the end out of courtesy, but there’s a slim chance that they would attend the next event from that host. One surefire way to grab your audience’s attention and keep them hooked to every activity in your event is to make sure your decor is snooze or bore-proof and brilliant! Balloon arches and columns are fun ways to engage your guests, draw their attention to refreshments or walkways, and maintain order while adding flair and finesse to your occasion.

8 Ear-Tingling Reasons Why You Want Our Installs at Your Next Event

Our main goal for every event we handle is to create a setting that not only beats your expectations but also looks straight out of an enchanting fairytale. We’re out to deliver the best possible service that will have you feeling like a guest at your event.

But that’s not all. Here are eight more reasons you need to have us working on your balloon installations and event decor.

#1 They Create A Fun & Warm Ambience.

Nothing says “welcome!” like balloons.  They are famous for warming hearts and adding colour and zest to any occasion! We use balloons to create a serene and cheerful setting that makes your guests feel at home. It’s almost as if they give your guests a warm smile as they come in and a hearty farewell as they depart.

8m width rainbow installation for a themed christening "Boho Rainbow" to welcome guests at Penfolds Magill Estate Cellar Doo

#2 We Put the You in Unique.

Balloons are all the rage this season, and that’s awesome. But if you’re not careful, having balloons at your event might only add your event to the long list of other trending events; what you want is to set your event apart from the rest. If there’s one thing Puff & Pop loves to do, it’s stand out. We love to add our unique touch, creative twist, and excellence to the events we handle. So we don’t rinse and reuse our designs; we love to whip up fresh styles and ideas for each event because we believe every occasion deserves a distinct decor and design.

KX Pilates with Prop and Floral Design

#3 If It's Not Long-Lasting, It’s not Puff & Pop.

As much as balloons bring joy, laughter, and happiness, once a balloon starts to lose its shape and vibrancy, it has lost its magic. At Puff & Pop, we pride ourselves in creating installs that give you your money’s worth. You’re welcome! One of our customers gave us feedback that our “installation lasts for over a month!” If you’d like a similar experience, drop us a message, and we’ll work our magic.

#4 Our Installations are Cost-Effective. 

You don’t have to break the bank to get an installation done. Whether you want to go all out with a big budget or work with a small budget, we’ll help you create a design that surpasses your expectations while adhering to your budget. We provide customers GRAB AND GO 2M GARLAND to pickup at our shop. 

GRAB AND GO 2M GARLAND - ORDER NOW and it's ready within A DAY! (YES A DAY)

#5 We Can Create Your Dream Install.

There’s nothing we love more than taking your ideas and bringing them to life! And if you’re not sure what you want at your event or can’t describe it, Pinterest is the best place to start. What’s more? We can brainstorm with you over the phone or at the store to find the best inspo for your event. Do you need a dazzling installation for your grand opening? We love to add streamers to add an exciting yet cozy finish. Maybe you want to throw your tech boyfriend a birthday party; we’d be excited to create the perfect geeky-slash-stylish decor. And if you need a bit more than an install, like catering and hosting services, say no more! We can handle every aspect of your event from start to finish; we’re only a call or email away.

#6 We Create Seamless, Flawless Installs.

Nothing is more frustrating than hosting an event and wearily glancing at your decorations, hoping they last throughout the occasion. Our trademark is creating impeccable, perfect installs that will put your mind to rest and allow you to enjoy your event. We go the extra mile to source authentic, durable, and excellent materials so our installs are on-point EVERY. TIME. So whatever occasion you’re hosting; birthday party, wedding anniversary, graduation party, you name it! We guarantee a picture-perfect finish for your decor.

MARLEY-CHELLA event, Stylist and coordination The Stylist Guide

#7 We Make Our Installs Instagram Worthy. 

Speaking of picture-perfect, was it a remarkable event if it didn’t make the Gram? We don’t think so. We love to set up our installs in a way that will have your guests taking pictures of and in front of our decor. With our installs, you don’t need to make any hires to get your event covered; your guests will help you document and spread the news of your event through social media. We’ll be helping you save money in more ways than one! Again, you’re welcome! 😆

#8 Our Installs Will Make Your Event Unforgettable.

There’s one thing every host wants – to give their guests an unforgettable experience, especially if they’re aiming for increased brand exposure or awareness. With our installs, your event will be the talk of Adelaide for long weeks and months. Plus, our materials, out-of-the-box creativity, and unique twist will position your event as a point of reference for upcoming events in your area. Try us and see!

News Year with Sol Rooftop, Skycity Adelaide 


  • We understand what’s important at your event, and with our 4+ years of experience, we can suggest appropriate styling elements that will fit your budget without sacrificing quality.
  • We believe teamwork makes the dream work, so we discuss your proposal as a team rather than have our CEO ideate by herself. The result? More ideas and increased creativity!
  • We have one-on-one remediable styling sessions.
  • We hate to follow the crowd and get lost in it, so we’re always one step ahead of the latest trends in the industry.
  • We take pride in and deeply care for our work; our in-house team handcrafts and designs all of our installations to perfection.
While a balloon installation can make your event come alive, it’s not the balloons alone that work the magic. The arrangement, theme, style, and many other factors help create the perfect balloon decor.

At Puff & Pop, we pride ourselves in installing balloons that get our clients wracking their brains and wondering how we pulled it off! If you want a magical balloon installation that will set the atmosphere for your event and have your event etched into the minds of your attendees for a long, long time, shoot us an email or drop by the store for a hot cuppa coffee-slash-brainstorming sesh. We’re more than excited to help you host your dream event!


If you want to discuss about having a balloon installation at your next event, email us at hello@puffandpop.com.au and we would love to assist you and be part of your MEMORABLE MOMENTS. 

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